Learn. Practice. Apply.

Now you and your team can master the art and science of design thinking and use it to address challenges specific to your work. In workshops led by Stanford's d.school's Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley, your team will work through a series of exercises and activities that get you out of your chairs and working together to apply design thinking to real projects.

At a Glance

Key Takeaways

  • Engage your team in a fun creative activity
  • Find innovative solutions to real problems
  • Learn and apply design thinking techniques
  • Create and nurture a culture of innovation at your work place

Workshop Format

  • Your team of 4-18 participants engages in 2-3 hours of face-to-face team exercises and activities
  • Your own team "Catalyst" gets the group together and distributes the workshop materials
  • Stanford experts guide you through the activities via online videos
  • Each participant receives a companion workbook with tools and step-by-step instructions

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to:

  • solve a problem
  • come up with ideas
  • organize a retreat
  • lead a team building exercise
  • inspire their team/workforce
  • improve group problem-solving