How it Works

Want to bring Innovation at Work to your team? Designate one enthusiastic member of your team to be the Catalyst – no Design Thinking background required! This is a simple, but important role.

Once you’ve decided on "the Catalyst", he/she will follow these 4 steps to get your group ready for Innovation at Work:

  • Pre-registration: Schedule the workshop time and location and invite your team using the Workshop Invitation Email template. We recommend that each group be between 4-18 participants for the best experience.

  • 3-7 days prior to the workshop: Register for the Ideation, Prototyping or presentation workshops and review Catalyst instructions..

  • Day of the workshop: Set up the meeting room and distribute workbooks and other materials following guidelines in the Catalyst Preparation Sheet.

  • 3-7 days after the workshop: Follow up with your team using the Workshop Follow Up Email template.

Once registration is complete, the Catalyst will receive Workbooks and additional resources for the workshop through the online course homepage. For more information please watch the Catalyst Instruction Video.